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Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, I grew up in a family of hard-working, Post World War 2, self-employed parents.  (The original entrepreneurs.)

At the age of four, I was diagnosed with a birth defect to my left leg requiring a steel brace from my hip to my foot through my pre-teen years. Therefore, going out for sports at the local playground was always an opportunity for ridicule, rejection, and frustration.  The good news is that I was blessed with parents, my first mentors, who never saw limitations, but only the possibilities. Whatever the challenge I faced my dad would say, "Figure it out."

What you lack in one area, build and strengthen in other areas to overcome, modify, and adjust. Work harder and smarter, practice relentlessly, apply your skills, and you can "Be Incredible." By age 14 the braces were off, partnered with friends on our first business venture, and it was "Game On."

By 24, I was looking for business independence. At 25 I entered the beauty industry opening my first salon location with nothing but attitude and willpower. Within three years the business was generating six figures.  And then, we hit a wall. Although sales were steady, they were also sluggish and adjustments had to be made. Once again, I heard the voice of my dad in my head saying, “Figure it out.”

I quickly realized that although I was a good talker, I was not yet a powerful communicator.  Immediately, I began studying the masters of communication, secured quality coaching, crafted new verbiage, built a deeper speaking voice, refined my body language skills to decode and get clued into my nonverbal messages and the messages of others, practiced relentlessly, and then, momentum began to take over.

In no time the six-figure business became a seven-figure business and life…was good. Each of us possesses within ourselves incredible gifts and limitless possibilities. My “WHY”…. transforming those who with communication fears into “Fearless Communicators.

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